E-8- Sample Cooler

NOJOOMALDUHA LCC Co. is an UAE EPC contractor for desing and fabrication of the sampling cooler.

This equipment is a heat exchanger for cooling of boiler water , steam , process samples such as crude oil, gas and any chemical fluid .

The following equipment could be also supplied in order to complete the sampling equipment:

  • Cabin Sampling

  • Pressure Reducer & Safety Valve

  • Thermometer & Pressure Indicator

  • Flow Indicator & Flow Meter

  • Analyzer & Transmitter

E-7- Gas Filter Coalescer

NOJOOMALDUHA LCC is the UAE EPC contractor  for  desing  and  fabrication  of  the Gas Filter Coalescer. Technology consists of solids filtration, coalescence and separation.

Principal Of Operation:

The first step is to remove the solid contaminants using a cartridge filter. Solids can increase the stability of an emulsion and can plug the coalescer, thereby reducing its efficiency. Removing solids will precondition the fluid for optimum coalescer performance. During coalescence, the droplets to be separated from the bulk fluid are captured by the high-performance coalescer medium. The droplets then move through the coalescer media (with progressively larger pores) and are coalesced to form larger droplets. Lastly, the large droplets are released. After the droplets are released from the media, the phases are separated either by phase separators or by gravity in the settling zone.

E-6- Three Phase Separator

NOJOOMALDUHA LCC Co. is an UAE EPC contractor for desing and fabrication of the Three Phase Separator. The three phase separator is designed to separate a measure water, gas and oil rates. The separators are equipment with internal components that

facilitate and improve the phase separation and with complete instrumentation and control valve that allows to provide customers with accurate information concerning the well performance of oil wells.


  • High pressure separators with best cladding

  • Min Water ppm on oil/ min. ppm oil in waste water

  • Sand removal to provide best maintenance period

E-5- Waste Heat Boiler (Fire Tube)

NOJOOMALDUHA LCC Co. is an UAE EPC contractor for desing and fabrication of the Waste Heat Boiler (Fire Tube) . This type of Boiler is also known as heat recovery boiler or process gas cooler. This plant takes hot flue gas and produce LP or MP steam up to 20bar for the follow- ing plant:

  • Sulfur recovery unit

  • Incinerators

  • Small gas turbine

  • Furnaces


  • Heat  recovering from  high temperature exhausts flue gas

  • Producing LP or MP steam  up to 20bar with high purity

  • Reducing flue gas temperature in stack

  • Reducing refractory cost of stack

E-4- Incinerator

NOJOOMALDUHA LCC Co. is an UAE EPC contractor for desing and fabrication of the Incinerator.

Gas incinerators are used to burn hazard waste gases completely. It could be replaced by flare system to burn the flare gas completely.

Incinerator  has  a  capability to join to HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) to produce steam up to 20 bar.



  • High combustion efficiency

  • Low emission

  • Produce steam up to 20 bar

  • Reduce fuel cost vs. steam generation



  • Desalting units

  • Gas refineries

  • Tail gas unit treatment

  • Oil refineries

  • Petrochemical plants

  • Flare system

E-3- Trace Gas Stripping Deaerator

NOJOOMALDUHA LCC Co. is an UAE EPC contractor for desing and fabrication of the Trace Gas Stripping Deaerator. This system combines vacuum stripping and inert gas stripping to offer a unit that operates with the mass transfer process being assisted by a small quantity of inert gas admitted into the deaerator column.

E-2- Vacuum Deaerator

NOJOOMALDUHA LCC Co. is an UAE EPC contractor for desing and fabricatoin of theVacuum Deaerator. Vacuum Deaerator is for cold water systems 10-40 ˚C .The make-up water, is fed to the upper section of the tower.  Dearator tower has 3 sections (best model). The vacuum pump creates the necessary vacuum so that the make-up water boils in lower temperature. In Vacuum condition,  the oxygen is liberated and removed by means of the vacuum pump. At the deaerator tank oxygen scavenger is added to remove the residual dissolved gases.



  • Water injection in oil and gas reservoirs

  • Water providing for desalting crude oil

  • Water providing for water sweetening plant

  • Water providing for utility consumptions

E-1- Steam Deaerator

NOJOOMALDUHA LCC is an UAE EPC contractor for desing and fabrication of the Steam Deaer-ator. Deaerator (thermal or  pressurized)  is  a  Degasification  device  that is used for the removal of air and other dissolved gases from the feed water to steam-generating boilers by heating steam.

Deaerators are designed to remove oxygen down to levels of 7 ppb by weight or less as well   as essentially eliminating carbon dioxide.

  • Spray -Tray-Type Deaerator

Includes a vertical tower (or horizontal for capacity more than 400Ton/hr) which minimizes the amount of vent steam .

  • Spray-Type Deaerator

Does not Include a tower .This type is an economic system .

  • Packing-Type Deaerator


  • Prevent corrosion & thermal stress of boiler;
  • Increase thermal efficiency;
  • Provide NPSH for Feed water pump;
  • Storage of the Deaerated boiler feed (5min. to 20 min.).